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Design Review Problems Solved and Needs Met

Until ProjNet, design and construction review and related communications had been ad hoc – with all the problems such a paper-dependent, manual process invites. The ProjNet platform addresses needs that long-standing communications deficiencies create:

Order and Clarity

ProjNet enables design review managers to create consistent and standardized communications that bring clarity to each issue identification and resolution process. The ProjNet Dr. Checks format allows managers to structure communications in a variety of ways: sequentially by step, concurrently, by participant group (communicating with only those who need to know about an issue) or via broadcast to all team members.


An important ProjNet feature is the platform's high level of security. Designed to "Secure But Unclassified" standards, ProjNet meets the Department of State's requirements for conducting design review for all of its embassy construction and maintenance. The "SBU" level of information protection is assurance that our customers' construction design information is protected to better than commercial standards.

ProjNet improves accountability and visibility by unalterably recording names, dates and actions. Owners are assured of knowing who took what action and when it occurred.

Single Information Repository

ProjNet archives all design review inquiry, comment, documents and resolution data in one system. This enables users to access a single source for all of their project review information. All project partners know where to locate any review information that has been processed through the ProjNet platform.

Automatic Software Updates

ProjNet on demand delivery via the Internet means that users receive software updates and improvements as soon as they login to the system. No IT department involvement necessary, no software installation hassles, no performance glitches and no additional fees.


ProjNet's presence on the Internet enables its users to work in real time, eliminating delays caused by mail, travel, telephone, fax and face-to-face meetings.

Once in place, ProjNet eliminates tedious comment and document collation and reconciliation, extended and uncertain document searches and other labor-intensive tracking tasks.


Documents, comments, inquiries and access times – ProjNet records them all exactly as entered – with unalterable sign in and entry date. No misinterpretations, no guesswork and improved project accountability.

Controlled Review Participation

ProjNet client administrators control who will – and who will not – participate in the design review and bid process. Thus, only individuals identified authorized business partners – and no others – can access a ProjNet project. Even then, administrators can limit access and participation to specified functions, as necessary.

Ease of Use

ProjNet was developed as an integrated process eliminating disparate, inefficient and repetitive steps. Learning to use the ProjNet Dr. Checks application takes only few minutes. And, user inquiries of the system's Help Desk usually deal with lost passwords and other simple access issues.