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ProjNet gives owners the power to efficiently manage each step in a facility design review and acquisition process. It ensures:

  • Identification and resolution of design issues
  • Real time Internet-enabled collaboration, communication and access
  • Single and secure record of every document, inquiry, comment and resolution.
  • Participation by all authorized project partners
  • Faster review and approval
  • Reduced design review costs

ProjNet is an integrated suite of secure, on demand, design review, inquiry and comment, issue resolution, communications and document archiving tools.

ProjNet helps owners organize information and communications to foster stakeholder collaboration and improve overall project management because it is:

A Complete Range of Online Tools

ProjNet's modular design, bid and build tools enable collaboration throughout the entire facility design review and acquisition process.

Solves Facility Design Review & Resolution Problems

ProjNet's integrated, online approach to managing design review eliminates the major communications, security, time, accountability and quality problems historically associated with the process.

Proven in Diverse Applications

ProjNet's value is proven by its continuing use in applications as different as hospitals, roads, embassies and nuclear facilities.

Developed & Administered by Recognized Experts

The US Army Corps of Engineers and the National Institute of Building Sciences.

Serving the Most Demanding Owners

ProjNet serves the wide ranging needs of major North American and international owners, including government, higher education institutions and AEC firms.