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The ProjNet platform makes design review and approval a smooth, quick, efficient and documented process – with greater security, transparency and accountability than ever before. ProjNet's Internet – enabled features, scalability and extensive application history recommend it to owners seeking to improve their facility design review and acquisition processes.

Internet-Enabled Efficiencies

ProjNet does away with the paper mess – no more lost documents, faxes or unresolved issues that just appear...or disappear. It ignores geographic distances and allows timely collaboration among all stakeholders. And, because it centralizes all project information, ProjNet gives owners and team members immediate access to every project design document.


Managers of nearly any size project can realize ProjNet's benefits. The platform's applicability – and its pricing – are extraordinarily scalable. ProjNet clients engage the platform on projects ranging from $50,000 to hundreds of millions of dollars. And, owners of nearly any type of project – from office buildings, hospitals, roads and environmental improvements to nuclear facilities – use ProjNet to improve the speed, accountability, participation and documentation of their design and construction review processes.

Application History

For more than a decade major global public facility owners and stakeholders have been benefiting from ProjNet's design review efficiencies. The system's use continues to grow rapidly among a wide variety of owner types including Federal and state agencies, commercial firms and higher education institutions. In 2008, the number of projects processed on the ProjNet platform grew 22% from 2,957 the year previous to 3,601. During that same period, registered ProjNet users grew to more than 45,000 individuals – nearly half of whom are commercial business partners. These active users registered more than 2.6 million ProjNet-based design review comments, effectively resolving thousands of design issues.

ProjNet users consistently report that the enhanced collaboration among stakeholders made possible by its DrChecks application translates to time and cost efficiencies as well as higher quality design.