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What is ProjNet?

ProjNet is a secure, integrated, Internet-based suite of construction design, communication and database tools that enable owners to better manage design review through improved document exchange and examination, inquiry, comment, record storage and issue resolution among all authorized project business partners. With unparalleled security, the platform helps owners to organize and centralize critical design documents and information as well as improve design review communications among all project stakeholders. This streamlined real time communication means that the job of each partner is made easier. Contractors, suppliers, AE firms, consultants and other authorized business partners can benefit from the on demand access to the most up to date documents and decisions.

Who should consider using ProjNet?

We recommend ProjNet to organizations that have:

  • Organizationally diverse and/or geographically distant project team members among whom face-to-face meetings and frequent personal communications may be difficult and time consuming
  • Many different stakeholders
  • Tight schedules that may benefit from real time communication among project team members
  • Many project deliverables to track
  • A need to assign access to project design information on a need-to-know basis

Why choose ProjNet?

Without ProjNet construction owners and sponsors navigate a series of non-centralized, unsecured, unformatted, incomplete, often undocumented or paper-based design review steps. ProjNet's secure single database and online support of real-time communication among all authorized project partners brings unsurpassed speed, accuracy, transparency, accountability and unalterable permanent record storage to an important process long hobbled by outdated communications and information storage methods.

How old is ProjNet?

ProjNet development began in 1997. And, the U.S. Department of State, ProjNet's first client, began using the platform to improve its design review process in the construction of embassies in 1998.

How widely used is ProjNet?

More than one quarter of all Federal agencies that sponsor construction projects employ ProjNet to manage, track and resolve design issues. ProjNet has more than 45,000 registered users.

What types of stakeholders use ProjNet?

Facility owners and their agents are the primary ProjNet clients. The platform serves their need to manage the complete design review process among all construction project partners efficiently and cost-effectively. The wide range of partners – as authorized by ProjNet owner/clients – most often includes:

  • Owners
  • Management Agents
  • Architects & Engineers
  • Consultants
  • Builders & Contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Vendors, Suppliers & Manufacturers
  • Facility Operators and Managers

See our Client List for current ProjNet customers.

What size and type of project will ProjNet help?

The ProjNet platform can improve the design business processes for nearly any size project. It has been successfully employed in construction projects with budgets as small as $100,000 and those valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars. In addition, ProjNet's scalability extends to the number of authorized users on any project. Users can be as few or as many as a client desires at any time during ProjNet use.

ProjNet benefits the design review process of nearly any type of construction project. Hospitals, ecological restoration projects, university facilities, office buildings, courthouses, military installations and flood protection programs, among many others, have been aided by ProjNet application.

What about ProjNet Customer Service?

Personalized ProjNet customer service is available by telephone, by email and on the user website - weekdays 8AM to 5PM U.S. Central Time (Chicago). We routinely receive compliments about the speedy response that our staff gives to user inquiries and requests. The ProjNet Call Center is eager and adept at responding to the routine as well as accommodating unique client needs. Most often, however, ProjNet users find the platform so easy to use that their questions usually pertain to access issues (lost passwords, for example) rather than programmatic problems.

What are the biggest benefits of ProjNet?

Time Savings
ProjNet users consistently report that they reduce face-to-face and telephone meeting time, eliminate time previously required to collate and reconcile comments and conclude design reviews more quickly.

Cost Savings
ProjNet clients experience reduced design review costs associated with meetings, travel, communications and document storage and retrieval.

Most Thorough Identification & Resolution of Design Issues or Problems
No other method of exchange, review, comment, inquiry and record storage matches ProjNet's effectiveness in exposing and resolving design and construction issues or problems.

Improved Design Quality
Design architect/engineer firms note that ProjNet results in a higher quality design.

Efficient Real-Time Communications
All construction partners have immediate web-based access (as authorized) to view and comment on design documents.

Secure Single Database
All ProjNet communications and data storage are served by redundant secure Federally managed servers. The Federal government rates ProjNet as secure for the exchange of information deemed "Sensitive but Unclassified". Clients and users are not subject to problems that can affect services offered by commercial entities – institutional financial viability, corporate takeovers, disparate and unknown database locations and administrators do not affect ProjNet customers.

No Software to Maintain or Upgrade
Because ProjNet service is provided online, users do not need to maintain or upgrade their own software. All improvements are delivered automatically and at no additional charge because the system is an Internet-based "Software-as-a-Service".

What are the system requirements for ProjNet?

Internet Explorer version 6 (or compatible). Dial-up access sufficient for business applications. Broadband connection needed for project file exchange.

How is ProjNet priced?

ProjNet is available on an annual subscription basis. Individual ProjNet tools are available a-la-carte and may be used on a per-project, regional or agency/company-wide basis. There are no per-seat charges for ProjNet. For subscription information contact us.