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ProjNet is Modular – Design, Bid & Build

ProjNet is an integrated set of modules that support stakeholder collaboration in the design, bid and build phases of the facility acquisition process. ProjNet can be used in its entirety as a complete project management platform, or customers may choose only the modules they need.

Project Specific Tools


Cross-Project Tools

Design Tools


At the heart of the ProjNet platform is DrChecks, the system's unique Internet-based design review and checking application. Through a single point of access to all project materials – beginning with original design documents – DrChecks allows authorized stakeholders to communicate and resolve design issues – in real time. DrChecks's complete record of this collaborative effort – including all comments, changes and resolutions – is available to all project partners throughout the entire design, bid and build process. DrChecks consistently achieves savings by:

  • Reducing on-site meeting time and expenses
  • Identifying stakeholders who are not participating in a review
  • Eliminating paper collation, email and faxes
  • Reducing document transmission time
  • Eliminating issues in process
  • Focusing communications among relevant stakeholders
  • Providing single access point to all project materials
  • Facilitating use of quality standards


Through one secure point of distribution, Filer enables the real time exchange of project documents among all stakeholders. It automatically tracks document creation, deletion and file views. Filer-based audit trails allow project managers to ensure that team members have the latest document versions. Filer eliminates time spent on mailing and delivery of hard copy documents and adds to project transparency by securely recording all access to documents within the system.

Bid Tools

Plan Room

ProjNet Plan Room facilitates keyed-secure distribution of bidding documents while tracking access by all registered project partners. It also supports monitored plan and specification distribution.

Bidder Inquiry

Bidder Inquiry coordinates all bid-related communications, including bid inquiries, technical subject matter expert review and evaluation and project manager replies. Keyed-secure entry ensures that owners and bidders can conduct confidential bid deliberations within ad hoc forums that they create. The Bidder Inquiry application dramatically reduces open bid items by posting for all project partners concluded bid questions with their corresponding answers.

Build Tools

Request for Information

The Request for Information tool coordinates technical evaluation for a project manager reply by request, discipline, contractor or project during execution of a contract. It also tracks and logs pending, completed and overdue requests.

Submittal Register

Submittal Register standardizes and organizes in a single location information about a project's installed equipment. In spreadsheet form, this application coordinates technical evaluation of construction submittals directly from subcontractors, suppliers and manufacturers. It also captures as-built Building Information Model (BIM) information.

Cross-Project Tools


ProjNet Portals allow the distribution of standard designs and document sets to all stakeholders from a central information source.

Subject matter experts and technical managers maintain information about specific programs of interest to all ProjNet users. ProjNet handles the details of access controls and document distribution. With ProjNet Portals, project partners no longer have to search across multiple sites across many regions to find the specific guideline or standard drawing needed.